Dryer Vent Services in Huntington, CA

Dirty dryer vent - Dryer Vent Services in Huntington, CA
Many people overlook the importance of cleaning dryer vents. When left uncleaned, dryer vents can become fire hazards. Orange County Chimney will clean out and repair your dryer vent at a very affordable price. Be safe by calling 714-722-8343 today.

Damaged and clogged dryer vent can create a buildup of lint which can catch fire or becoming a breeding ground for mold. We will make sure your dryer vents are properly installed and cleaned.

Our Dryer Vent Services

  • Clean out your dryer vent
  • Repair damaged dryer vents
  • Re-route dryer vents
  • Professional replacement for entire dryer vents
  • Replace damaged or old tubes
  • Have your dryer vent examined
  • Prevent mold and fires
  • Keep out water and rodents
Dryer vent on fire - Dryer Vent Services in Huntington, CA
Let our qualified technicians inspect your existing dryer vent or install your new dryer vent.