Chimney Services in Huntington, CA

Chimney - Chimney services in Huntington , CA
Orange County Chimney is your local chimney expert and guarantees all of our work. We realize every problem is unique and provide customized solutions based on your needs. As preventive maintenance measures, your chimney should be cleaned and inspected for cracks once a year. Repair any damages of your chimney's firebox as soon as possible. Proper cleaning and maintenance extends the life of your fireplace and reduces fire hazards.

Maintenance Makes Your Chimney Last

Cracks in chimneys are known to create more damage. Most of the additional damage is caused by water entering and settling behind the bricks. Annual inspections can reveal these cracks. Repairing the cracks quickly can prevent further damage from occurring. We also design, construct, and install decorative chimney caps.

Services That Make Your Chimney Last

  • Repair cracks and crowns
  • Replacement of chase covers and surrounds
  • Prevent spreading fires with a spark arrestor
  • Invest in a chimney cap
  • Refurbish your firebox
  • Clean out your fireplace
  • Replace gas bars
  • Decorative gas log installation

Prevention Goes A Long Way

A chimney cap will prevent vermin, rodents, and water from getting into your flue. Crown repair prevents damages from spreading once cracks have began forming. Our expert chimney services can extend the life of your chimney.
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